Friday, August 15, 2014

Scandinavian--Reykjavic, Iceland

Once in a while, I'll walk into a crowded restaurant that got great reviews and then, after dinner, leave completely mystified as to how or why it achieved such popularity. Scandinavian in Reykjavik is one of those restaurants.
Children's pasta
From the kids menu, each of the boys got the "Children pasta", described in the menu as having a "creamy sauce, ham and toast". As served, though, the sauce wasn't a sauce at all, but only oil. Also, neither boy was served toast! We had to go to the counter after the fact to tell our server they never got the toast.

Warm pate
The toast was critical, because the pasta portions were so miniscule. Even with the toast, however, the boys were still hungry.

Smoked salmon
As were all of us. Jenny got the warm pate, which was good, but far from filling in its small portion (even though we got the full size--it's also available as a half). The same could be said for the smoked salmon I ordered. It was tasty (Tyler enjoyed it) but of poor value ($17 US) as it was meant to be a meal, but simply wasn't.

On top of everything else, what aggravated all of us was it took 30 minutes from ordering to getting our dishes. Making it even worse was the tab came to more than $50 and we still had to search for food after leaving.

Laugavegur 24
Reykjavic, Iceland