Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pupusas by Del Real Foods

Del Real kindly sent me a Summer Party in a Box (image at bottom) and I'll review items not already covered in my blog. I'll begin with the Pupusas, which my family had last night for dinner. The pupusas can be microwaved or pan fried. In our opinion, either method works equally fine.

Filled with pork and cheese, it's the meat that really stands out. I topped mine with Del Real's Salsa de Molcajete Roja to give it heat and additional texture (the pupusa is otherwise mild). As I mentioned in an earlier post, the roasted flavor of this salsa is quite versatile.

Pupusas (two halves stacked) topped with Del Real's Salsa de Molcajete Roja
We all thought the pupusas tasted great (Dylan preferred them to a home cooked meal) and, just as importantly for our family, can go from the fridge to the table quickly and simply. Jenny thought the pupusas weren't that filling, but I disagree. After two of them at dinner I was full.

Del Real Foods

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