Sunday, May 25, 2014

Skipolini's Pizza--Antioch, CA

We went to Skipolini's tonight for dinner in Antioch after fruit-picking with Jenny's brother. The best part of the experience wasn't the food, but the friendly service, the sawdust on the floor (how cool is that?) and the playstructure to keep the kids busy.

Now, about that pizza. Having kids, we had a large with half cheese and half mushroom and chicken. We went with the white sauce pizza. The crust was chewy when dry. But, it wasn't absorbent enough to hold the moisture from the toppings. In other words, it was soggy. What I really wanted was a specialty pizza. The problem is, if you order half cheese, you get charged the full specialty (treated as five toppings) price.

The kid-friendliness, though, with the crayons, play area and abundant outdoor seating won me over. Sure, the pizza was so-so, but how can anyone enjoy pizza at all if the kids keep pestering you?

Well, not always true unfortunately...
Skipolini's Pizza
901 Fitzuren Rd
Antioch, CA