Friday, February 14, 2014

Asteria Grill--Sunnyvale, CA

"Asteria Feast": This was a special and wasn't on the menu

Jenny and I had Valentine's Day lunch at Asteria, a Greek restaurant in Sunnyvale. I tried the Asteria Feast (above), which featured Greek sausage, cabbage leaves filled with ground sirloin, spinach and pea wrapped in phyllo and kotopita. At $11.95, the dish was a good value, however, the items I just mentioned were smushed together on the plate to make room for an abundant salad. So, things ran into each other in taste and appearance.

Gyro platter or "Gyros Piato"

Jenny, with the gyro platter, got the better dish. For a mere $10.95 she got a plate with food enough for two. We both liked the flavor of the meat and the pita bread went well with the hummus delivered to every table.

In my view, though, the steal of the day is the dessert sampler. For only $4.95 you get four bona fide desserts including baklava, karidopita (a chocolate cake) and ravani (a delicous almond cake), all of which sat in honey.

The dessert sampler: An unqualified bargain at $4.95.

Asteria takes lunch reservations for seven or more only. However, if you get there by 12:15, you'll get a spot--don't let the long line scare you away. You order and pay at the register, then find a table.

I look forward to going again! Just off the 101, it was only a six minute drive from my office near Monatague in Santa Clara.

Asteria Grill