Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicken Pad Thai by Ventera Ranch

Last night, tired and hungry from a long drive from Big Sur, we threw some Pad Thai into the microwave. The directions call for each of the three bags, one sauce and two noodle, to be microwaved separately. Mix everything in a bowl, and voila.

Jenny and I both agreed the sauce was pretty good. I've downed a lot of Pad Thai in my day and am honestly surprised this sauce came out of a box and would have been perfectly in place in a restaurant. The noodles were very soft--the kids loved them.

The only complaint I have is there wasn't much chicken--certainly not as much as the photo on the box indicated. (There's a lot of tofu, though.) Still, it was a tasty time-saver and we'd probably get it again. We bought our box from Costco.