Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moveable Feast

We went to the movable feast in San Jose last month. We loved the idea of it--trucks, which as a collection, serving a great variety of tasty food. However, as I explain below, it wasn't cheap.

Overall a disappointment because of the greasiness and that it was a mix of items that didn't really match well. The sampler for $10 is a bit expensive. We got a beef taco, hot wings and pork fries, which was literally pork mixed with fries. The taco was the best of the three.

Grandma Catherine's Homemade Foods
Not quite Roscoe's. We all thought the chicken was overdone. I wanted the waffle to be a bit more crisp. The chicken, waffle and syrup should all be eaten together. It's kind of funny how once you pour the syrup on the chicken and waffles, you start pouring it on the potatoes.

The Rib Whip
Of the four food trucks we tried, this offered the best dish and the best value. For $7 we got a dish of delicious rib tips that amounted to a full meal. The sauce wasn't anything otherworldly, but certainly the dish was better with than without it. To my family's amazement, I ate the cartilage, which was good and crunchy with just the right amount of give.

The ice cream was rich. The boys couldn't get enough of it (but then, what boy ever got his fill of ice cream?). A single scoop was $3, but if you get two scoops in the same dish, it's $5, so we had the boys share a dish.

You can find the Moveable Feast in four different locations throughout the week just check out their website. On Sundays you'll find it in San Jose:

Moveable Feast

350 Saratoga Ave
San JoseCA 95129
(408) 800-6825