Friday, March 29, 2013

Carnitas by Del Real Foods

Ever since the boys came along a little more than eight years ago, we've frequently been in a pinch for dinner. One go-to that's bailed us out many nights is the carnitas from Del Real Foods. The meat, easily warmed up in a microwave, is deliciously seasoned and goes really well with brown rice and salsa. Throw in a little salad and it might even seem dinner is actually healthy.

Probably knowing that one big bag of carnitas is too much pig for one family dinner, Del Real recently wised up and split the portions across two plastic bags. Even one bag, we found, is probably enough for six or seven portions, so we still have leftovers.

I get the Del Real carnitas at Costco; I haven't seen it elsewhere. For all the flops we've come across at Costco (see for example the mu shu I reviewed earlier this month), the carnitas by Del Real gives their refrigerated section some much needed credibility.