Friday, May 4, 2012

International Marketplace--Las Vegas, NV

Taking a break from the Strip, we ventured a few minutes away by car to International Marketplace. Almost right away, all four of us were dazzled by the staggering array of goodies from around the globe. It wasn't just the enormous variety of goods that was stunning (Octopus in a box, anyone? Or, how about kidney pies and bangers from the UK?), but the variety of each item. 

Many staples, such as honey or olive oil, were available from multiple countries. Check out the olive oil photo above. How many brands do you see here? And, these are just the big containers! There are small ones around the corner likewise offer an impressive display. 

Not only did International Marketplace carry European candies, but they had European versions of American candies, like Kit Kat. Even sugar-free cough drops, often so hard to find in a typical drugstore, were available from Germany and the Netherlands.

Just as a test, I thought, "OK, what about red bean paste?" Not only did they have it, they carried at least three different brands. I say "at least" because, oddly, there weren't all located in the same aisle. In other words, there could be other brands of red bean paste I missed. In any case, the pricing (about $2.70 a can) was right in line with our local 99 Ranch Market. 

As you explore this immense warehouse, you'll notice that some items will have an advertised "Member Price" without telling you what the non-member price is. What a great way to get you to inquire about becoming a member! I did just that and found that a membership can be purchased for $10/year. Otherwise, you'll pay 5% on top of the "Member Price".

International Marketplace was a wonderland to walk through, especially with kids, who seemed as interested in the non-food items, mostly from Asia, as much as anything else. They carried arts, crafts, dishware and odds and ends like wooden swords. Some of their items border on tawdry, however, like the big blue Hannah Montana towel hanging from the ceiling near the checkout area. Never mind it, though. Just go to International Marketplace, budget an hour or so and you'll have a good time.

International Marketplace
5000 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 889-2888