Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Rock BBQ--San Jose (Catered)

A couple of weeks ago my organization celebrated an achievement by throwing a party. We had Blue Rock BBQ cater the event. What a fine choice! I packed myself silly with delicious, fatty meats. The chicken was tender and the brisket was well marbled. Blue Rock also supplied us with paper-wrapped buns to fill with whatever you wished. Nice touch. The portobello mushrooms were wildly popular and it was the only dish to run out.

The star of the day, though, was not a product of the barbecue, but the oven. The mac and cheese could very well have been the best I'd ever had--certainly the best in memory. This baked dish featured thin layers of pasta sheets with melted cheese holding it all together. It settled in the mouth like a soft rich cream.

For a celebration such as ours, Blue Rock BBQ was an ideal choice. The devil-may-care atmosphere was perfect for a good old fashioned belly stuffing with delicious, heavy meats. The kind of free for all where you eat so much that lunch makes you undo your belt a little and skip dinner and maybe even breakfast the day after. I know I did.

Blue Rock BBQ
3001 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, California 95124
(408) 978-2583