Friday, September 16, 2011

Best Bite--Mountain View, CA

I met a grad school buddy at Best Bite earlier this week for dinner. I thought it the perfect choice given its proximity to home and the to-die-for meal I had there earlier. This time around, though, wasn't the religious experience my first visit was. Second visits seldom are. The flavor, juiciness and tenderness were all there, but this time around the meat was undercooked close to the bone of the Cornish game hen, leaving pink sinewy strands of meat stuck stubbornly to the bone (last time, all the meat fell off on its own).

Perhaps the bigger issue was the cost. While my friend reported his dinner was good, the dish he ordered was $14 for five small pieces of chicken breast. My six-piece dish was $15. Considering these prices, and the twenty minute wait, I'd recommend chicken at Falafel and Kabob instead. The surroundings there aren't quite as elegant as at Best Bite, but their skewered chicken dish is nearly a third cheaper, you won't wait more than ten minutes and their chicken never--ever--disappoints.

Best Bite
1414 W El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 988-8895