Friday, June 24, 2011

Mario's Pizza and Italian Restaurant

Last week, my son wasn't feeling well and wanted spaghetti for lunch. Looking to indulge him, but at a place other than the great but too-often visited Frankie and Johnny's, we settled on Mario's. From the first bite of their delicious pizza bread, I was glad we did. The lasagna was top notch, though my dad thought it wasn't warm enough. I loved the beef with the melted cheese. There was no burnt cheese or tough pasta to fight through here. The stack was nice and soft from the top sheet of pasta all the way down to the bottom, practically yielding all the way through to the mere weight of the knife.

My dad's ravioli was good, but not out of this world. As for my boy, he ended up opting for pepperioni pizza instead of the spaghetti that brought us. The best part of the pizza was the chewy crust. As for the rest, though there was nothing wrong with it, how exciting can a pepperoni pizza really be?

The waitress was thoughtful and accommodating. We didn't know the entrees came with ice cream, but she reminded us. We were entitled to two ice creams, as it turned out, but she gave us three. The atmosphere is very homey, clean and, for 1:00 pm on a Friday, quiet. I'd definitely return for lunch again, but it would have to be on a weekday--they're closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Mario's Pizza and Italian Restaurant
861 Leong Dr
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 988-0400