Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beacon Hill Chocolates--Boston, MA

Oh, my goodness. What is it with Boston and their access to amazing chocolate products? Four years ago I had a religious experience at LA Burdick with their hot chocolate. Then, earlier this month friends visited from Boston and gave us a box from Beacon Hill Chocolates. And, because they did, they're now pretty much friends for life.

The chocolates are hand painted and some so beautiful it seems downright shameful to eat them. But, as enticing as these chocolates look, they taste even better. The "CoCo 'Nut' Chanel" filling pictured above features a coconut puree mixed with white chocolate and vanilla bean is, if not my single favorite candy ever, certainly the most memorable. Words escape me on that one. And, I don't even like coconut.

The Blood Orange Blossom was the first one we opened up and it was rich and flavorful. It features a dark chocolate ganache. Try one and it'll be a carnival in your mouth.