Sunday, December 13, 2015

Myzen--Sunnyvale, CA

Myzen Ramen with Tonkatsu base

I met my wife for lunch at Myzen in Sunnyvale near the end of last month. It was there and then that I had the most complete bowl of ramen of my life. It had everything: chewy, delectable noodles, a rich, flavorful broth, melt-in-your-mouth pork and a perfectly boiled egg with a soft, liquid center.

The curry ramen (curry and tonkotsu base) offers a punchier alternative. It has some kick, but you'll still get plenty of flavor from the stock.

Given the outstanding experience in store at Myzen, I was surprised to be able to get a table at noon on a Friday. The bigger limitation, in fact, is parking. Myzen sits in the middle of a strip mall with a lot with limited space. If you get there by 11:45 for lunch, though, you'll be fine.