Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Great Shakes--Palm Springs, CA

Mint Oreo Cookie

If the shakes at Great Shakes in Palm Springs are truly great, it's because of the ice cream. This only seems obvious, but we all agreed that the dessert wasn't so much a shake as it was a cup of soft, delicious ice cream.

The little doughnut around the straw was a nice touch. From what I sampled of Dylan's Oreo Mint Cookie, the flavor really popped. Tyler got the Chocolate Fudge. He downed all of it before I could even ask to try.

Chocolate Fudge

I also really enjoyed the date shake I shared with Jenny. With the dates ground into little flavorful crumbs, we could only imagine how much labor was involved with the gunk stuck to the blender. We didn't see any of that, of course. We got only the "great" shake and service with a smile.

Great Shakes