Monday, April 28, 2014

Rokko Sushi--Sunnyvale, CA

I met up with Jenny for lunch a week ago at Rokko Sushi. Having heard it would be a good one, Jenny got the sashimi salad and it didn’t disappoint. Both the salmon and the tuna were creamy in the mouth and the roe, with the juicy pop with every little sphere, was fun to eat.

We also split the saba plus udon. The mackerel was as good as I’d ever had. It arrived hot, tender and moist and made a great pairing with the sashimi bowl. The udon was a success, too, but not quite as memorable. I'm not a tempura person, but the vegetable tempura that went with the mackerel and the soup was just my type--the coating was light and the vegetables sweet and crisp.

The mackerel and sashimi salad each came with its temperature counterpart as a starter (a cold salad for the mackerel and a hot bowl of miso soup for the sashimi bowl).

Though parking was tough, the restaurant didn’t quite fill up. Competition is as fierce as ever in downtown Sunnyvale. The point is, if it’s lunch you’re after, stop by when you want—they’ll fit you in.

I have to give Rokko bonus points for responsibility. I left my wallet there by mistake and when I came back several hours later it was cheerfully returned. 

Rokko Sushi
190 S Frances St.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 773-8225