Saturday, April 19, 2014

La Victoria Taqueria--San Jose, CA

Last weekend we saw the San Jose Sabercats take on the Arizona Rattlers. We got there early to grab parking, then walked down Santa Clara St. to hunt for a place to eat. We picked La Victoria because it was kid friendly and seemed to have something that suited all of us.

For the boys we got an order of the chicken enchiladas. It was a disappointment for a couple of reasons: It was soupy and difficult to navigate with a knife and fork and it was spicy (both aspects were unfortunate surprises). Finding the enchiladas too hot to handle, the nine-year-olds resorted to grabbing my dinner and Jenny's.

Finding the psychological barrier of my tongue burrito too difficult to surmount (and a bummer, too, for them, since it was the best dish at the table), they ate Jenny's grilled chicken burrito.

I believe La Victoria Taqueria can be a good place to eat, especially for families. But, it isn't a place I'd return to even though the restaurant options are very limited around the SAP Center. The enchiladas were flooded. The grilled chicken burrito was ordinary. Corn chips was 50 cents. Who's heard of a charge of any kind for chips, much less for a small bowl?

La Victoria Taqueria
131 Santa Clara St.
San Jose, 95113