Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mountain View Rotary Club Crab Feed--Mountain View, CA

Last weekend we went to a crab feed at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple, organized by the Mountain View Rotary Club. Though it was advised that tickets be purchased ahead of time, we showed up at the door and got in without a problem.

The crab was good! The only flavoring, though, was cocktail sauce served to the tables. Not all parts of the crab (especially the claws) were consistently cracked, so I often had to resort using my teeth (ouch). The boys loved the penne pasta. The nut bread was good and I couldn't get enough of their salad with candied pecans.

Adults were $50 per head and the kids were $25 each. Expensive? Yes, but this is a fund raiser. Included in the admission were: tea, coffee. Costing extra were other drinks such as water, soda and root beer floats.

The live music, featuring electric guitar and sax, was loud but enjoyable.