Thursday, November 28, 2013

QQ--Cupertino, CA

Last Saturday night was a cold one here and we warmed up to the idea of some hot brothy noodle soup. So, we dropped by QQ in Cupertino.
Braised beef noodle soup
Each of the twins got the braised beef noodle soup, which was very fatty but would hit the spot for anyone with an empty stomach and in need of a warm up.

Soups like mine and my dad's (respectively spare ribs and chicken with black mushroom) came with the noodles and bok choy separated from the soup.

Lamb with pita bread
I wish they'd done the same for the pita with lamb. It's remarkable how much pita can taste like pasta. The downside, though, was after a while the pita got a bit soft and doughy.
Garlic sauce with pork noodle--Oh my was this a good one.

The best dish of the night wasn't a soup. Jenny's pork noodle was the best. The extra-wide noodles were chewy and simply amazing. I was delighted that she couldn't finish so I could take over and it's what I'll get when I go back.

QQ is cash only.

QQ Noodle
10889 S Blaney
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 253-5858