Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Steins Beer Garden--Mountain View, CA

Breakfast for Dinner
With the kids away at a birthday party, Jenny and I were able to try Steins for lunch in downtown Mountain View. Jenny had a seared ahi salad. It was good, but it wasn't distinctive. The Breakfast for Dinner that I had, though, was both. This scrumptious dish featured a runny egg (just how I like it), toast and a drippy, soft, tasty, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly at the bottom.

Seared Ahi
To make this good-for-you lunch even healthier, I had a Dark Flight featuring Cerne Dark, Asam Bock, Vampire Slayer and Campfire Stout. All four were sipping brews. The Cerne Dark was distinctive for its roasted flavor. The Vampire Slayer was a bit too strong for me with its sharp flavor. The Campfire Stout, however, matched my tastes well. It was a fun, sweet, chocolate-rich affair and it would be what I'd get the next time I come by.
Dark Flight (from left to right): Cerne Dark, Asam Bock, Vampire Slayer, Campfire Stout

I don't know what Steins is like on a Friday night, but I can easily imagine it being a busy beer hall. Go there on a Sunday afternoon for lunch, though, and the environment is wonderfully peaceful.

Steins Beer Garden
895 Villa St.
Mountain View, CA
(650) 963-9568