Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ming's Donut Shop--San Leandro CA

Sunday we went to see the A's clinch the West, edging out my Minnesota Twins. On the way, we stopped by Ming' Donut Shop, which was a huge hit with our family.
Eclair with blueberry cake doughnut

I really enjoyed the eclair. The cream was actually cold, which I liked, and had a genuine consistency and flavor (i.e. not gummy).

Jenny liked everything, but for her the blueberry cake doughnut stood out. It was as cakey and soft as doughnuts come.

Bear claw with apple filling
The boys each got a "bear claw", but it was more of a fritter with its apple-pie filling.

It's worth mentioning they were nice enough to give each of the boys a doughnut hole. :)

Ming's Donut Shop
13996 Doolittle Dr.
San Leandro, CA 94557
(510) 352-5870