Friday, February 10, 2012

Kong Tofu and BBQ--Cupertino, CA

Looking to warm up on a chilly Saturday night, we stopped by Kong Tofu and BBQ in Cupertino. I had the Rib Eye Hot Stone Bowl. The beef was tender and a bit sweet, which made the soup sweet, too. On a cold night the hot broth hit the spot and it was the highlight of the meal. The veggies in the soup, served raw, simmered in the soup after the bowl was delivered to the table.

The boys shared the BBQ rib eye beef. Tyler loved it. The plate came with a lot of onions. Just as with my Stone Bowl, the beef was sweet but was delicious wrapped in a lettuce leaf and dabbed with the accompanying sauce, the flavor of which was slightly spicy with a hint of bean curd.

Jenny had the beef tofu stew. It was good but not anything special. It wasn't better than the stew one would find, for example, at Tofu House. The banchan was plentiful and fun to dabble with. I especially liked the potato and the sweet potato noodles. To cap our dinner, we each got a little bottle of Maeil, a yogurt-flavored drink. Tyler liked it so much he convinced us to get a pack at a nearby Japanese grocery store.

Although there wasn't any single quality that stood out with Kong Tofu, we'll return because they prepared everything to expectations and it was, quite frankly, a fun experience. Also, the restaurant had ample seating and the parking hassle free, making the evening low stress.

Kong Tofu and BBQ accepts American Express.

Kong Tofu and BBQ
19626 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 863-0234