Friday, August 19, 2011

Pacific Fish Grill--West Covina, CA

As we made our way back up from Santa Barbara we stopped by to visit Jenny's parents in West Covina last weekend. Our experience at Brophy Brothers (see below) still kept us wanting for an honest to goodness hearty seafood dinner. To that end, we went to Pacific Fish grill, a new restaurant in West Covina that was highly recommended by Jenny's parents--for good reason, it turned out.

My dish, the tilapia plate, was outstanding. Though there wasn't a pocket, the "pita bread" was super soft and the rice was hot and fluffy. The tilapia was cooked to perfection. I went with the Cajun topping, though I could have had garlic butter or lemon-oregano. The dish was especially notable given that it was a mere $9.79.

Jenny's mahi and salmon tacos came with tomatillo sauce that was too spicy and didn't complement the fish well. Also, for both tacos the fish came buried under a heap of grilled onions, which overwhelmed each taco. The grilled shrimp taco, however, was a very different story. It came loaded with hot shrimp and with a well-chosen, creamy pico de gallo sauce.

There was no clam chowder when we came in at 6:40. For a seafood restaurant, that was a big disappointment. But, with the tilapia dish they're forgiven.

Overall, the value was terrific. We got full on good seafood for just a hair over $20, including tax. We'd be regulars if they'd open near us! I'd just avoid the salmon and mahi tacos.

2851 Eastland Center Dr
Ste 5
West Covina, CA 91791
(626) 332-9014