Monday, March 15, 2010

Mil's Diner--Milpitas, CA

With the kids in Chinese school early yesterday morning for a make-up class, the stars were aligned for my wife and I to steal away for breakfast. Mil’s Diner in Milpitas has the timeless look and feel of the classic breakfast diner, having primarily booth seating and a counter facing the kitchen. My wife and I each went with an omelet. My wife's was with bay shrimp and mushrooms. I went with the beef fajita. Each omelet came stuffed with ingredients. Mine was bulging with strips of steak, mushrooms and bell peppers. The eggs, usually a feature of an omelet, essentially served merely as a glue to hold the beef and vegetables together. My wife’s omelet was almost as substantial and arrived loaded with shrimp. It was a great suggestion by our server to add salsa, which gave zip to both omelets. It wasn't until almost the end of breakfast that I noticed that both of our omelets came without cheese. I remarked that I rather liked the omission, as it made the beef strips stand out. My wife, however, thought without cheese her omelet wasn't complete.

The hash browns were right on the mark with a crisp exterior and properly cooked throughout. I don’t recall hash browns so delicious with ketchup. Breakfast also included toast, which could be any of a variety of breads including sourdough.

The service was excellent. Our breakfast was served about five minutes after ordering. My cup of coffee wasn’t allowed to get even half empty and we never ran out of water.

Although Mil's markets itself as a breakfast diner, they also boast of burgers and steaks on their menu and website. If they're prepared as well as their omelets, I'd love to go return for more cow.

Mil's Diner
36 S Abbott Ave
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-4773