Thursday, March 11, 2010

Falafel and Kabob--Mountain View, CA

This afternoon my wife and I ate lunch at Falafel and Kabob, where we each had a chicken kabob plate. Although it was merely delicious today, the chicken can often be tender and juicy enough to turn lunch into a spiritual affair. Good day or bad, though, the lightly seasoned chicken is always served hot on two skewers with five cubes of chicken per skewer. I went with the standard plate, which came with hummus, rice pilaf and a salad composed of romaine lettuce and pickled cabbage. Pita bread was also delivered to the table. The salad is never remarkable and today’s was no exception. The pickled cabbage can taste fairly sour and my wife usually takes a pass. The hummus was creamy, as always, and wasn’t as thick as that found in, say, a sandwich at Togo’s. It was ideal for dipping and wiping up. The rice complemented the chicken well and the restaurant gave my wife an extra scoop upon request.

My wife and I have eaten lunch at Falafel and Kabob more often than at any other restaurant. We go because it’s reliable, the service is friendly—the man at the counter always recognizes me and sometimes even remembers what I usually order—and we can get there at noon knowing an available table will be waiting for us. Although we often go to Falafel as a fallback, I never leave wishing I ate somewhere else. And, most important to me, I never leave hungry.

Falafel and Kabob
1477 Plymouth Street
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 961-2437