Sunday, November 24, 2019

Cucina Venti--Mountain View, CA

This is another one of many Bay Area restaurants that's popular, but I don't get why it's popular. Yes, the service was good and Cucina Venti, if you don't mind a louder environment, is a pleasant place to eat. But, I knew we were in trouble when a guy came up to our table with two different types of bottled water and asked, "Which would you like?" I don't like restaurants that make you feel bad for wanting tap water.

Across two paella dishes and a penne francesca we received overdone chicken and shrimp. We found the calamari acceptable but unremarkable. Overall, we had a right to expect more at about $25 per entree. I'll give Cucina Venti this, though: The paella came fresh out of the oven--everything was piping hot including the pan.

Menu below: