Saturday, August 3, 2019

Beyond Meat burger at A&W of Lodi, CA

I'll say first of all, I love this A&W location, as it has memorabilia from the restaurant chain's rich 100-year history. Mugs, menus, toys, you name it. In addition to the old stuff, though, they also brought in some of the new, like their Beyond Meat option. For $2 extra, you can "Go Beyond" with any burger. So, in the photo below, a $4.49 mushroom burger became a $6.49 mushroom Beyond burger made with pea protein. It looks like a meat burger, but it doesn't exactly scream "Beef!" once it's in your mouth. The onions, mushrooms and seasoning hide the flavor, so all you really get from the patty is the texture, which I couldn't tell from that of beef. Whether or not you "Go Beyond" is a personal choice, of course, but for me moving forward, I'll almost certainly keep my two bucks.