Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tin Pot Creamery--Los Altos, CA

Walking through downtown Los Altos yesterday, we dropped by Tin Pot Creamery. Kids 12 and under can order a Kiddie Cone, which is much like a Mini but with eyes and a smile, which made at least one of my sons a little hesitant to eat it. But, not too hesitant.

The older one opted for Premium Chocolate with TCHO Shards. This was the only flavor that carried with it a 50 cent surcharge. From my family's reaction, though, I could tell it was well worth the extra fee, and it was easily their favorite flavor.

I liked the mint chocolate chip, as the herbal flavor from the mint really stood out. Jenny and I shared a scoop of Earl Grey, which carried a subtle flavor but, like the twins' cones, had a creaminess that separated it from what you'd find at Baskin Robbins or, for that matter, the Safeway across the street.