Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Waffle Amore (food truck)

My lunch today
Moveable Feast comes to Mission Park in Santa Clara (across Mission College Boulevard from where I work) every Tuesday 11:00-1:30. Today, however, there were only two trucks. And, when I got there at 1:00, Jon Jon's (ribs) had sold out, leaving me with Waffle Amore and a sweet lunch.

The vendor taking my order told me the Brussels Waffle is the least sweet of the bunch, so that's what I went with. For $5, you get a big waffle, one topping (I chose strawberries) and syrup. An additional topping is $1 each except for blueberries ($2). The kind woman who brought out my dish asked if I wanted whipped cream also. Being interested in every free calorie I could get, I said yes. The waffle had a hard exterior and was chewy once you got through the crust. Just about all the flavoring, though, came from the topping and syrup.

In this day and age where $5 doesn't get you very far, Waffle Amore exceeded my expectations with quantity, great strawberries and service with a sincere smile.

Waffle Amore