Sunday, February 8, 2015

Best Bite--Mountain View, CA

My wife and I took advantage of a parents' night out by eating dinner at Best Bite Friday. A couple of years ago, a restaurant by the same name and same location delivered the tenderest, most succulent chicken on a skewer this side of anywhere. If a friend came into town, Best Bite was the first place that would come to mind for us to meet.

The new version of Best Bite, under different management, likewise offered up some juicy thighs with lamp chops that were the best I've had in ages. They just don't get more tender than these! I enjoyed the dolma, which was served hot, but my wife noticed the rice inside was a little mushy.
We got goat cheese and mint, which I assumed was to go with the lamb chops. It came out early with the dolma, though.

Also, the service was attentive and upbeat. Overall, though, this isn't quite the legendary Best Bite 1.0 (but only because the chicken didn't melt in our mouths this time around), but I can hardly wait to come back! The lamb is a must.

Best Bite
1414 W El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA
(650) 988-8895