Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cheese Tamale by Del Real Foods

The cheese tamale by Del Real Foods, I noticed, receives high praise on the internet, as it should. The cornmeal shell is pillowy soft, giving the dish a creamy texture. And, the flavors from the cheese and the heat from the peppers are well balanced. Don't let the smallish size of the tamale fool you, either: Just one can fill you up for lunch.

Unlike some of Del Real's other offerings such as, say, their chicken dishes (e.g. Chipotle Chicken Tinga or Pollo Asado), I can't make the argument that the cheese tamales are particularly good for you. Just one tamale will give you half of your recommended allowance of saturated fat. However, if you accept the tamale for the treat that it is, you'll love it.

Not that one should tempt fate, but I can add that from prior experience the Del Real tamales stay edible well past the "Sell By" date. :)

I received the tamales in a complimentary Party in a Box from Del Real Foods.

Del Real Foods