Friday, November 11, 2011

Macayo's--Mesa, AZ

I organized a conference held in Arizona earlier this week. We had dinner for our event at Macayo's in Mesa. There were about 100 attendees in our party and Macayo's handled the volume well. There were no fewer than eight servers dedicated to drinks, be it coctails, soda or water. As soon as I saw the buffet spread, I didn't think for healthy that dinner would be good for me. However, I knew from the get-go that I'd enjoy it.

The pork enchiladas came covered in a thick layer of melted cheese. You couldn't really pick up individual enchiladas so much as blindly scoop up enchilada parts with lots of cheese. Preparation of the chicken poblano with baja (jalapeno with cheese) sauce involved stuffing the pepper with chicken then frying it. It was delicious and I lost count how many helping I had.

I also had a chicken tamale, covered with cheese and worthy of seconds, and a beef taco. The taco shell was neither crisp, nor soft, but much like cardboard. The beef was overcooked. I quickly concluded there were too many good offerings at the buffet table for me to waste valuable stomach space on the tacos.

Macayo's proved itself to be more than able to support a big party and for that purpose I'd go back without hesitation. We told the restaurant ahead of time they'd need to prepare enough food for 125. Also, we ended up consuming 56 drinks. So, the total came to a hair less than $3300 including tip.

There are several Macayo's throughout the Phoenix area. The one we tried is in Mesa.

1920 South Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202-5616
(480) 820-0237