Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hawaii Calls--Waikoloa, HI

A week ago Friday, our first night on the Big Island, we stayed at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. Tired from the flight and not up for getting back into a car, we chose to eat downstairs at their restaurant, Hawaii Calls. The decision to eat there was made easier by their prime rib and crab buffet, which they offer every Friday. The variety was so-so, though, especially at $35 per head. However, entree menus were at prices similar to or more expensive than the buffet, so it was hard to turn down the all-you-can-eat option. Get there before 6:00, though, and you'll get $10 off the buffet making it a reasonable $25.

The prime rib was good, but not as well marbled as the cut that I wrote about in December. The cuts, of which I had four, ran from very rare to medium rare. The crab legs were a little firm, thready and crumbly. Generally, would have liked more meat choices. There was no fish. The chicken, in a creamy sauce, was delectable.

The potato was hard and my wife didn't want to finish it, although the potato bar was complete with every topping one could want. Looking at the ingredients, it's easy to see it doubling as an omelet bar for their brunch buffet. Corn on the cob was greasy, bathing in melted butter, but good. The pineapple was arguably the best part of the buffet--it was juicy and super-sweet.

For the kids, we ordered from the menu. They loved their spaghetti and the brownies. The meat sauce was generous. A highlight of the buffet was the outside seating, which allowed us to look out over the resort's infinite pool and the ocean. Also, the lawn between the pool and our table provided a much needed outlet for the kids after they finished their brownies for dessert.

Hawaii Calls

69 Waikoloa Beach Dr Waikoloa, Island of Hawaii, HI 96738