Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brian's Restaurant--Los Altos, CA

We celebrated Father's Day at Brian's, where I had the Brian's Special Breakfast. For this dish, three scrambled eggs and linguica sausage came on top of sticky rice, a combination that tastes as odd as it sounds. It was difficult to get the scrambled egg to mix with with the clumpy rice--and I didn't want to eat any of the flavorless rice without some egg or sausage. Advertised as "a hearty meal that will last all day", it did carry me all the way to dinner.

For $5.50 each, the kids had a plate with five 4" buttermilk pancakes and two sausages. My wife got the wheat pancakes, which were more healthy than they were indulgent.

To celebrate Father's Day, each adult was offered a glass of champagne, which was a nice touch. The outdoor area is dog friendly and there were never fewer than three dogs on the patio at any time. In general, though, brunch was expensive. The $12.50 for Brian's Special is hard to justify. And, the two pancakes with one egg and sausage for $8.25 is an equally poor value. It makes me want to run off to Denny's where I can have all the pancakes I can eat for a mere $4.