Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to the new restaurant blog!

I'm excited to begin a new blog featuring my experience at restaurants, primarily around the Bay Area. Beginning about a year and a half ago I reviewed restaurants at my website However, I believe a blog format allows me to be brief and is therefore a better fit for the limited time I have available for writing (pretty much restricted to the evenings as I wait for my twin boys to fall asleep). In my original restaurant review website I had the description below which is still apt today:

While I am an equal opportunity eater, I'm still discriminating. I can notice the obvious. I know when noodles are home-made or if fruits are out of season. And, as my friends know all too well, I can easily detect bad service and get cranky from it. More crucial, though, is the secret weapon that accompanies me on just about every meal I review: my wife. If I'm a glutton, she's a connoisseur. From a single bite, she can identify—and often determine the provenance of—just about every herb, spice, fruit, vegetable and extract on her plate. At times she can put a dent in my dining experience by mentioning failings I wouldn't have otherwise noticed. Not long before this website began I was enjoying what I thought was a perfectly good lunch at Kirk's Steakburgers until my fair critic across the table pointed out the mushrooms in my burger were from a can. And, right she was!

So, here we are at your service: your dedicated dining duo out to turn over every coffee mug, warming-tray lid, soup-bowl cover and yes, every hamburger bun, to give you the story of what satisfies most: the pleasures of the table.

Please stop by often! I promise to be brief.